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Multiple Images Burning At Same Time



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How can I burning 3 different images to 3 dvd-recorders at the same time. I have the images and don't want to wait all the time for 1 to finisch




Do you want to burn the same images to 3 different discs or do you want to burn 3 different images to three different discs. I'm not sure I understood your question.


Walt is correct, you can't do three different images at the same time but you can burn the same image to 3 different burners.


Burning an Image to a disc should take only a few minutes; is it taking longer for you? How much time are you trying to put on a disc. If you are trying to put more than about 1 hour on a single layer disc, then the project is being re-encoded to fit. That would take time.


For one image to 3 different burners:

Use Video Copy and Convert - DVD copy. On the left browse for the ISO file and select it. Select 1 as the munber of copies. Click burn; a dialog box will open, select the burners you want to use. You will get a message that the number of burns has changed. Click burn.

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