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Nooooooob Help Please



Hello new friends. I am new to the Roxio community, just purchased yesterday. I am very new to video editing, but i'm having a lot of fun learning. I have no idea what i'm doing though and was looking for someone to point me in the right direction.


I have a 30 minute video that I'm currently editing. I'm trying to cut out the boring stuff and I also want to take certain sections and move them around to fit the music. Do I need to cut up the video externally and then put them into videowave? If so how do I do that? If I don't have to do that... how do I cut it up?


I'm sure this has been answered before and I apologize for cluttering the message board, but if there's anyone that can point me into the right direction I would really appreciate it. I've watched Roxio's videos and haven't really seen what I'm looking to do, and I've read through this forum some and haven't been able to find it either.



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You really need to open and read your Help files and look at the learning center videos & articles.


Yes those questions are covered and you cannot expect someone to sit down and re-type the help files for you ;)


The 'How To' and 'Tip & Tricks' forums here for each version going back to EMC 9 are also a great source!


Have a disc or 2 of DVD RW on hand so you can try things out and reuse the disc!


Pop in with questions when you get stuck or jsut want to talk about it :lol:

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In addition to the resources Jim mentioned, check my signature for links to others.


Here is a jump start for you ... you can split your video file into shorter clips in the VideoWave Timeline:


Move the playhead to where you want to split the clip. Right click and then click on "Split" in the context menu that pops up. Go to the next point where you want to split the clip and right click, click on Split, etc. Rinse and repeat until you have all your clips split up. Now you can drag and drop them within the Timeline track to order them how you want.


Double click on any of your clips and use the trimmer to refine the in and out points of your clip or speed up or slow down your clip.

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