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Spaning Data Discs


I thought that if i was going to archive for example 8 GB I would use 2 discs. If I selected multiple recorders, you would think that Toast would record data on the disc in recorder number 1 followed by the remainder being recorded on the disc in the second drive. Oh no. Toast makes 1 copy of Part 1 of 2 in both drives at the same time. Then it asks for more discs for Part 2. That's not what I wanted. Now I've got a bunch of coasters. Anyone got any ideas?


Also, when you mess up and have to make another set, I would like the option to skip this first disc on a set (or more) and proceed to record the second disc. This would save making unnecessary coasters.



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So now we know that the multiple-drive feature is for making duplicates. Good suggestion about the option to start spanning discs at a specified disc number. There have been similar suggestions in the past.

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