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Toast 11 - Menus - Are They Now Able To Be Customised?




New to the forum.


I'd like someone who already bought the upgrade or the full Toast 11 Pro to post a message here regarding the menus.


On Toast 10 you were pretty limited to the type of Menu you could use, no music, fonts weren't changeable & you were stuck with a still menu, buttons that could not be changed in size or design.


Have they made any improvements?


If I am going to spend 100 GBP plus on this upgrade, I'd like to know if on Toast 11 I will be able to take one of their menus, remove the background image if I want, put some music to play, customise the buttons, perhaps make the menu a moving menu by putting a running mini film in the background. All that I mentioned just then were possible years ago with Ulead DVD Workshop 2, but for DVD only, Corel took Ulead over, & since then, Corel's equivalent is "pants", very basic, almost with children as their main customer targeted market.


I like to make my own BluRays, so worked out about using the LG BluRay writer (even though it says it is for a windows machine), my Mac recognised it no problem, so I could burn to BluRay, but just basic menus.


Fingers crossed the Toast 11 will have customiseable menus, so I can creat an interesting menu, rather than what we have presently been having to endure, boring still silent onscreen menus. It's the one useless feature of Toast, all other things with it I like, but menus, well, try better Roxio & listen to us customers.


Sorry for the rant, if anyone knows if Toast 11 has the menus customiseable, or at least improved, I'd appreciate a few lines on what you think.



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