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Videowave Question



When I pull some avi videos (not DRM protected) into Videowave, attributes shows 00:00:00:00 (see example) and I am unable to edit or export into another format. When I look at the video properties outside of Videowave, I see "A" under attributes.


When this happens, is there a way I can edit the attributes to show the appropriate length of the video?


As a side note, the videos that do pull into Videowave properly (and can be edited or exported into another format) also show "A" in attributes (when looked at outside of Videowave).


These problem videos play fine in Cineplayer and I can "preview" them in Video Copy and Convert, so I know they are not corrupted.

post-85386-031733500 1299991645.png

post-85386-086261900 1299991969.png

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I also sent a request to tech support about this issue, and their response was to refer me to this thread (http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/showthread.php?t=453881), saying they are not sure what causes the atributes to be stripped in some locations but that some users have fixed it using the methods used in the listed thread.


I've read through the thread and it doesn't seem to be appropriate. Those users talked about pixelation when transferring from tivo to windows 7. Or am I misinterpreting the discussion? My issue is that the attributes in Roxio is reporting a zero length video.

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