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Records Finishes But Wont Play On Any Device

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All I get when I try to load the software is a blue screen saying ROXIO EASY VHS TO DVD



It looks like this?


post-97-040343200 1300061268.jpg


Never opens to this?


post-97-021293900 1300061287.jpg


Were programs and antivirus/firewall running when you installed the software?


Preparing your computer for installing Roxio products



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Found problem, computer I was trying to load software on didnt have enough ram. Installed on newer computer now I can record to dvd's but cant play back on any device including the computer with your software

frustrated nascar fan


The people that respond on here are NOT Roxio employees (unless you see a Roxio logo by their user name), we are just fellow users trying to help you.


In order to help you we need to know what you are doing, we need to know step by step what you are doing (you are our eyes).


What application in the suite of programs are you using, how are you connected to the usb,etc,etc,etc, provide as much information as you can (there is no charge for words that you type).

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