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What Source To Use To Make Dvd





I hope to make some sense with this question. I am trying to make a copy of a disc for my parents. I started using Mac X Pro dvd ripper and it created a mpeg file. How would I now use this file to burn a dvd using toast 9? I have never had a file come up as mpeg before. This is a childrens dance recital but for some reason it wouldn't copy dvd-dvd very odd.


Thanks in advance for any guidance. :)

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You have lots of options because this isn't a copy-protected disc. I'm presuming the original disc is a video DVD. The best option is to choose disc copy in the Toast Copy window. Insert the source DVD. It may help to choose Save as Disc Image instead of clicking the burn button. (You can do the same thing by choosing the VIDEO_TS Folder setting in the Video window and dragging in the VIDEO_TS folder from the source DVD). When the disc image is finished, eject the source DVD and insert a blank disc. Choose the .toast disc image file you created using the Image File setting in the Copy window. Now burn your disc.


Alternatively you can use Toast to author a new video DVD that has a new menu created by Toast. Choose DVD video in the Video window. Insert the source DVD. Choose DVD with the top button of the Toast Media Browser. (The Media Browser is a separate window. If you don't see it you can open it via the Windows menu). Double click on what appears in the browser window and you'll see individual titles included on the source DVD. Drag what you want to the main Toast window.


Now you can enter text for the menu, choose a menu style and set the thumbnail image that you want for the menu button. You choose the thumbnail image by clicking on the thumbnail. A slider appears beneath the thumbnail that you can scroll to choose the frame from the video that you want.


Eject the source disc, insert a blank disc and burn the disc.


You did not need to use a ripper application for an unencrypted DVD. Even so, the mpeg file it created should be usable by dragging it to the Video window with DVD video selected as the format and setting up your menu as previously described.

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