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Finalize A Dvd



I copied a film onto a dvd. the copy would play back on one dvd player but not on another that I really wanted.

I followed the system, i.e. having a dvd-r to finalize but the disc was spit out of my Dell windows 7 after umpteen

tries to finalize it. It kept telling me to use the correct disc i.e. a dvd-r which I was actually using.

It is getting beyond me now has anyone any ideas what this 77year old is doing wrong. If I do not find out the

answer soon it might be too late and I cannot take it with me either up there or down in the fire below. Ha Ha

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All of the Roxio Progams that burn [/b]DVD Movies[/b] always Finalize them, in fact there is no choice in the matter...


If you are seeing that as an error, it is most likely the wrong message for the problem.


There are 30 some programs in the Suite and a dozen ways to burn a disc, so we are going to need specific details of your project your settings and the media. ;)


Following these guidelines, HERE, will help.

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