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Bd-R Write Error With Lg Int Burner



I have an LG GGW-H20L burner installed in a Mac Pro. I've burned many BD-Rs with it, usually with Memorex BD-R discs. Recently I bought a spindle of Verbatim BD-Rs (LTH Type), and can't get them to burn. This is the error I get with Toast 10:


The drive reported an error: 
Sense Key=Medium Error
Sense Code=0x0C


If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate hearing them.


ETA: I just realized I have older firmware for my drive. I found a firmware update on the LG site but it's an .exe file--anyone know how to update this on a Mac?

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You're on the right track that a firmware update will support newer media. But you'll probably have to move that drive to a PC to do it. Mike at xlr8yourmac.com knows more about drive compatibility issues with Macs than anyone I know of. You might ask there.

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Just curious as to where you found the firmware file... I've been looking for one and haven't been successful.


I've got Windows 7 running in a VM, so I'm hoping I can update it that way, but finding the file seems to be the challenge...


Thanks in advance.

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