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Is Amd 1090T X6 Six Core Supported



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Has any body got Creator 2011 to fully work on the AMD X6 cores processor, Videowave will run if I have 4 cores active in the bios but if I change so I boot with six cores active video wave and will not run? Any suggestions!


Are you using a MAC or a PC? Your name indicates a Mac. The programs should not work in a Mac emulation to pc. The program works in W7 with a I7 CPU. Perhaps it is time to contact AMD?

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Why are you playing around with the number of active cores? As I read about the CPU, it automatically reduces the number of cores it uses under high load. Perhaps you are reducing the ability to work with those cores under heavy load.


What is the CPU temperatures under load? Do you have adequate cooling?


The AMD web site seems to be having issues today so I could not get any other information. Perhaps wit until tomorrow and ask them. Do you know if they have a users forum?


What does Task Manager have to say about the program using the cores when you are working with video? If I remember correctly, the program does not use all six cores anyway (on my I7).


Please explain "will not run"?

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The AMD 1090T x6 core processor does not work as you describe, it does not switch cores on & off on the fly, you set the bios to run as many cores as you want but you want to use all six cores for best multitasking at the correct speed of 3.2Mhz.


The system than uses turbo boost up to 3.6 MHz switching between three cores at a time like the I7. (this does not turn cores on and off)

The system will run completely stable up to 3.8 but I run a stock speed for Ultimate stability.


If I set the bios so 4 cores are active Creator Videowave runs correctly using speed settings as described above but with only 4 cores.


You can only turn cores on and off in the bios, turbo boost can be software controlled or completely turned off with a fixed higher clock speed.


I’ve tried every setting with 6 cores active but it will not work only with 4 cores active.


Creator is the only program I use that will not work with 6 cores active but all my professional programs that don’t use Microsoft.NET framework run perfectly so not sure if this may be the problem.


“Will not run” means the program will not run (load, to use) so cannot get into the program to changed any setting but runs perfectly when I set the bios to 4 cores active so can then change the software to use hardware or software rendering.

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Roxio technical support have been aware of this problem since May 2010 when I first raised the problem with Roxio Creator 2010 and they did say they would pass the problem onto the software engineers so was hoping there might be a soloution by know, I didu'nt realise it was down to the customer to do all the problem solving.

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It is too bad that someone else with a 6 core processor hasn't been to the forums to voice the same issue and a potential fix. Perhaps this will invite them to do so and to voice their concern to Roxio. Right now, there are probably few voicing the concern and you do have a workaround. I'm not sure how many people need to complain to get the software engineers to do something about it.


We know it works with 4 cores (AMD and I7) so the issue may be in the code. Perhaps in a future service pack.

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