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Creator Classic "default Recorder: None"


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I have been using a Toshiba tecra laptop with XP SP2 for a year with no hardware problems. I can use XP to write data to the combo drive DVD/CD-RW which is shown in device manager as a "matshita udja750".


I need to write a series of CDs from ISO image files so I installed Roxio 6 and updated everything to 6.2.0.x. (All components are shown by "Components Information" as version except Creatorc.exe which is and CDEngine.dll and DriversV2.dll which are


When I load creator classic the burn button is not available and the message "default recorder: none" is shown beside it. So I am unable to burn CDs with Roxio, presumably because it does not recognise the drive as a rewriter. It is in the list of supported drives on the Roxio site.


Drag-to-disc works fine!


So part of ECDC is working (drag-to-disc) but part is not (ECDC classic).


Any assistance to fix this would be most appreciated.

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Try going to the drive in My Computer,right clicking on it,going to the recording tab and unchecking "enable cd recording on this drive".Seems I remember seeing something about the recording feature in XP interfering with Roxio burning.Not sure if it will work but worth a try.

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You might have already done this, but have you gone to the manufacturer's web site and searched for the matshita udja750 drive and see if there are any new firmware updates available ? If so, check the firmware on the drive you have and compare it with what the latest manufacturer has listed for it. And when you say you want to burn several series of "CD's" from ISO files, are they also all "data" files or are they other types of burns ?


If Roxio suggests that that particular combo drive is listed, then it should be O.K. if all of the latest firmware is on it.



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