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Roxio Creator 2009 Update 4 Contains Viruses.



Hi, I just want to WARN everyone who has not downloaded the 4th update for Creator 2009 yet that it contains viruses, including 2 Trojans and a Keylogger. Don't even consider contacting Roxio support about the issue... I already have and they didn't even READ the email that I sent them. They are SO FULL OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! All they said was "I'm sorry... Roxio Creator 2009 is no longer supported by us. You can, however, reach Roxio support by phone for just $129 per minute." Give me a FREAKING BREAK!!! All I was trying to do was to inform them that their update contains viruses. They would benefit from knowing this, so if they don't even want to try and help me, then so be it. I have had NOTHING but bad luck with Roxio. Anything and everything from crashes, data loss, installation problems, burning problems, update problems, and SO much more. I am NEVER buying another Roxio product and I'm NEVER going to recommend them to ANYONE. I'm going to tell everyone "Don't buy Roxio Products!!! They'll give you nothing but heartache and weight loss for your wallet!!!" I didn't even get to use my product for 6 months before I upgraded to Windows 7... $100 for only 6 months of use? Um.... RIP OFF! I was so excited learning that update 4 fixed the compatibility issue with Windows 7... until I got 4 viruses from them. Come on ROXIO! Get it together and stop being such a stupid moneymagnet! Seriously, All you care about is MONEY, not customers. :(

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You can't blame Roxio if you voluntarily change your Operating System to another version which doesn't support your Creator 2009. If you had not changed your Operating System, Creator 2009 would still be working for you.


There is no update to Creator 2009 which makes it compatible with Windows 7. The first version of Creator that's compatible with Windows 7 is Creator 2010. This is widely advertised.


Service Pack 4 for Creator 2009 does not contain any viruses, and neither does any other update which is downloaded directly from the Roxio servers. If your antivirus is giving you a virus alert from SP4, it is a false positive generated by one of the sub-standard AV packages, or you have downloaded SP4 from an unauthorized site.




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