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Bluray 3D With Cineplayer Bd 3D



I am having a problem with Bluray 3D playback.


I have a HDCP capable bluray drive, video card and monitor.


I use a dual monitor setup. Both monitors are 1920 x 1080. One monitor is a 60Hz monitor that uses an ATI 5830, the other monitor is an 120Hz monitor that uses a Nvidia 580.


I run an i7 clocked to 4.0GHz. I have 6 GB of RAM.


I recently purchased CinePlayer BD 3D because I have a 3D capable monitor and my parents are purchasing many 3D bluray movies.


I am using active shutter technology.


The movie plays, however, the screen that the movie is playing in becomes totally unresponsive. It becomes a chore to kill the process. Menus do not work, shortcut keys to stop, advance, etc. do not work. Basically, the player becomes completely unresponsive.


It is not getting stuck, it plays without stuttering or freezing, it just becomes noninteractive. Moving the mouse does not cause the menu on the bottom of the player to appear, and the movie's menu does not respond to key presses or the mouse.


I am hoping someone could point me to a solution or documentation of some sort. I have attempted to Google the problem and found only unrelated solutions/problems.

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You have me confused here - do you have two different graphics cards installed in the same computer???

Yes, I use the ATI for the 60Hz monitor and the Nvidia for the 120Hz 3D capable monitor. They aren't linked in any way.


Guess I should post my full spec anyway:


i7 920 @ 4.0 GHz

ASUS Rampage III Extreme

6GB CAS 7 1600MHz RAM

Nvidia 580 GTX

ATI Radeon HD 5830

BenQ XL2410T (120Hz monitor) Nvidia Dual Link DVI

Samsung Syncmaster P2350 ATI Dual Link DVI


Nvidia active shutter glasses

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