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DVD playback on Windows XP

Ronald Bellamy


I have created a DVD on my iMac G5 (MacOS 10.4.7) using Toast that works great when played back on the iMac and DVD players. It contains several Quicktime movies created with Final Cut Express HD. It locks up in Windows XP machines and will not play on a TiBook G4 (MacOS 10.2.8). I used the default settings in Toast. Are there some settings that I should be changing to make sure that the DVD will play back on different computer systems?

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Are you burning your DVD as a data or video disc?


I am burning a video disc.


There should be no problem using the automatic setting. I suggest trying a different brand of DVD media and burning at a slower speed such as 4X maximum to see if that fixes the playback issue.


I will try a different brand. I am already burning at 4x.

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