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Cannot Reconvert 2D To 3D In Videowave


i noticed that a video was cut in half by the 2d to 3d conversion.

the resulting file only showed the left side of the original image.

so i thought i would just go in and delete the project files and temp files and run the conversion again.

no matter what files i deleted it would not run the file conversion again, which automatically happens when a 2d video is added to a 3d project.

i had to copy the original file to a new location to get videowave to run the conversion again.


is there a menu option that i should run to delete an old project to start over?




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No there is no special way…


May need a reboot but that would not be what you should normally expect. Keep an eye on it, I have a thought for Plan B ;)


You do realize that it could be just in the Preview window which you can change:


post-39730-090159600 1300830525.jpg


Or if the imported format was incorrect, a right click on a clip offers conversion choices:


post-39730-071775200 1300830528.jpg

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