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Funny Numbers Added To Filename



hi there- so I am trying to make a hybrid disc. Rather than creating a temp partition, I made a disk image of my Mac content, then a disk image of my PC content. I mounted both and selected them for their respective Mac and ISO.


Worked great the first time, and the second, and so on.


Now, all of a sudden it is replacing part of my file name with what seem to be random numbers on the Mac side of the disc. The mounted disk image looks fine, works fine. As soon as I burn the disc, it changes the file name, and screws up all my links (and looks stupid).


ANY ideas how to fix this?





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Is it possible that the disc image you created for the Mac was formatted HFS rather than HFS+? See if there is a check box next to "Use HFS Standard" in the Mac Only window.



Thanks for the reply.

'Use HFS Standard' is not checked.


I did manage to find a fix to the problem, though it is more a bandaid fix. I changed my filename from "File name 1.pdf" to "File name1.pdf" ..just removing the space between the number fixed it. Doesn't make any sense to me.


thanks again!


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I am having the same thing... has anyone solved this?


I believe the length of the filename may also be an issue.


It chops the name at 24 characters, and then ads "#1F", or another time added "#A3"


It went from / to:





When I created the temporary partition, it was set as set as "MAC OS Extended"


I don't recall having this problem in the past, but we haven't done MAC only or Hybrid discs in a while. When we fired-up toast, we installed the latest update.


Now using Toast 9.0.7.


I tried buring directly to a disc, and also tried creating an ISO image to be burned elsewhere. No Joy.

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