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Video Copy & Convert - Inconsistencies



I'm trying to convert AVI files shot with my digital camera to MP4 for playback on a thumb drive plugged into my BluRay player.


I tried different formats & bitrates with a single file to compare the results. The most favorable was the preset for PS3 playback (720x480, 2000kbps). Video was clear, and the filesize was about 950MB, down only a little from the original 1230MB.


Then I input 8 files and run convert using that same preset. But now, the output files are about a third of the size they should be, and look awful. The test file mentioned above came out at only 340MB. The resolution is correct (720x480), but the bitrate appears much lower.


Can anyone think of an explanation for this?

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I was thinking on this, and if you can`t resolve the issue with copy and convert,there may be a work around that will allow you to maintain quality.


You could put your avi files into videowave,then output this entire project as an mp4 (avchd720p) video file,letting the computer convert and render the video. This should preserve the quality,regardless of length,and still give you an acceptable file size.

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