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80045028 Error While Opening Project



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I keep getting the above error and description problem when re-writing to the disk. Can anybody help?


Did you erase it or did you format it? What kind of disc? Put the disc in your drive, go to the Creator 2011 Home page and select Tools, post a screen shot of what it shows.


When did you last reboot your computer?


Answer these questions so you get the best suggestions.


PS: Never put important information in the tile of the thread, or if you do, repeat it.

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I'm using a Verbatim 4x DVD+RW disk. I created a movie using MYDVD. I took the disk and watched the movie on TV. Using MYDYD, I erased and re-formatted the disk. Trying to burn another movie to disk using MYDVD, I get the above error. I am on a Windows XP operating system and using Roxio Creator 11 software.

For an interesting sidenote, I did the same thing using Roxio Creator 8 and it burn the disk the second time but it took a couple of hours to burn.

Any suggestions.


Attached is the print screen you asked for.

post-93796-065926200 1301337684.jpg

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