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Creator 2011 Pro Backontrack Has Problem With File Restore



Now I've this package in German language including an "essential" version of backontrack. It works fine when I made a whole backup of my system-disc (not a file backup). But then I tried to restore only some individual files from this disk backup. When I double click the sub windows as desired from backontrack to mark the desired files I receive an error message.

As I know most of backup programs can manage this function (at least in tthe full version). I opened a support ticket for this issue - but up till now no good response.

Hopefully someone in this forum can give me some hints.

I'm working with a desctop computer with an AMD 5600+ processor. OS is VISTA 64 with all uppdates.

Internal hard disc has 500 GB. External backup disc - connected with esata - has a capacityy of 1000 GB. The backup sub lib has a size of about 250 GB. For backup I didn't use any compresssion or encription.

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I have had the same problem and after many struggles with people who very obviously do not have a clue about the capabilities of the program, I finally have a statement from support that says the following:


"I am here to help you in the restoring the computer hard drive contents.

Using the Roxio Back On Track program its not possible to restore a single file.

However you can choose to restore entire categories of data. The following categories can be selected: E-mail, Documents, Pictures, Videos, and Music. Selecting the E-mail category restores specific types of files, such as those with .pst and .dbx extensions, located in any of the computer’s

user accounts. The other categories restore the contents of Windows folders or libraries where each type of file is commonly stored."


Several problems with the above and (again) I have asked for clarification. Obviously the software DOES support recovery of single files and groups of files BUT ONLY FROM A DATA BACKUP, NOT A FULL COMPUTER BACK(assuming that those were included in the MY DATA backup). I am not sure about a DRIVE backup.


This software has probably the worst documentation of any software I have ever seen (as in almost non-existent). The HELP facility has the following note at the bottom:


"Note: Depending on the software version you are running, some of the features described above may not be available. For information about upgrading to take full advantage of all the features described in the online Help, visit www.roxio.com."


In other words, there's no way to really tell what your particular set of features are from the help screens. WOW! Who does that?


I believe that I will be talking to ROXIO about all of this and writing to the editors of PC Magazine and PC World since they always give stuff like this good reviews but only because they having tried the packages out fully.

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I've been trying a number of different things with this program, and I can confirm what OldPaulie has said.


The program WILL restore single or groups of files, but ONLY from a "My Data" type of backup.


The "Entire Computer", or "Disk or Partition" option backs up and restores only whole partitions, or whole disks, or the whole computer. The partition/drive backups make image files and have no provision for you to extract anything from the image.


It would seem that this version of BackOnTrack is rather limited.

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Yes - finally I received the same answer from Roxio.

As consequence today I'm using another software for backup:

Arconis True Image Plus

With this software everything is possible what I want. Also to restore a single file from a partition backup for isntance.

Potentially Backontrack as part of the Creator Plus package is reduced in some functions in relations to the full version which costs some more....

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Potentially Backontrack as part of the Creator Plus package is reduced in some functions in relations to the full version which costs some more....

A questionable marketing strategy that shouldn't be encouraged!

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