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Performance Using Cuda And A Quadro 4000



Hello all.


Just downloaded and installed Toast 11. I have been a faithful user and proponent since version 6.


Love the new interface!


But, I purchased with the hope that the CUDA support for video transcoding to H.264 would be worth the upgrade price alone.


I know that the Q4000 is not yet on the supported cards list. But, the CUDA programming interface is universal for nVidia and

Toast 11 seems to recognize its presence in software (it's also similar to other supported cards).


Any increase of transcoding speeds have not been not been realized (yet).



Source = 500MB WMV9 file

Target = H.264

Using Toast 11 with default setting including "Best" = 12 minutes [while utilizing approx. 40% of all 8 cores on a Early 2008 Mac Pro w/ 12MB RAM and all latest software].

Using the old standard QT Player 7 Export to H.264 = 14 minutes [while utilizing approx. 20% of all 8 cores...].


Considering the 2008 Mac Pro is crippled by its 800MHz RAM with slower bus speeds, and my Q4000 is using 2GB of DDR5 with 256 CUDA cores,

I was expecting, well, a honking difference.


Thank you for any and all input.



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