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Only 2 Hr?



Hello, Just wanted to know if anyone out there has run across this problem. When recording a movie over 120 minutes (2 Hr) with time ball all the way to left and manually setting time limit and wathing it "record to time set at begining, For example: recording time set to 2hr and 45 min, see the movie in "recording" mode for that 2hr and 45 min, go into fnishing mode and state that recording was succesful, eject dvd from comp and during playback movie stops at 2 hour and 3 minutes. I am using a lite-on 22x dual layer DVD burner with dual layer DVD's that record up to 6 hours (TDK DVD+R Double Layer, 8X speed 8.5GB) or memorex 240 DVD+R DVD's. I've recorde 4 movies with various times over 2hr with recording times set accordingly to VHS stated times. I even go into finishing mode manually when movie is finished and still in record mode. Again, all playbacks only last for 2HR and 3 Minutes.....any suggestions?

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For the most part, it is illegal to copy any copyrighted material.


Simply stated, a 4.7 GB DVD holds 1 hour of video at high quality or an 8.5 holds 2 hours…


You can “Record” until your HDD is full but when you render to DVD you have to set the Quality.


If you lower quality to exceed these times you will pay the price because it is the Video Quality that suffers!


If you are starting with a VHS tape, you have low quality to start with!!!


Get a disc or 2 of DVD RW and try burning some samples at the reduced Quality settings to see what you are going to get.


My shelves are full of DVD Boxes and most have 2 discs or 3 in them ;)

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