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How to enable VideoWave to use new DivX codec



Hi all,


To make it clear, I would like to describe my question in steps:

1. After clean installing Roxio 8 Deluxe, I open VW to compress my mpg file (DVD standard).

2. I choose AVI setting.

3. Now I can see 3 codecs from the dropdown button: DivX Encoder, DivX Codec and DivX YV12 (if I remember correctly).

3.1. If I select DivX YV12, VW hangs

3.2. If I select DivX Encoder, I can compress video file without any problem.

3.3. If I select DivX Codec, I will have to wait quite long (about 30 seconds) for VW to apply new codec. Then I click Advance button to customize setting and I see there is no difference between DivX Encoder and DivX Codec at version, logo or setting choices. The only 1 difference I can see is its encode speed is very slower than DivX Encoder does (???). I can't figure out why this happens?


I just installed DivX Codec 6.2.5. I repeat steps above and the result is:

1. DivX Encoder is untouched. The version is 6.0 which is built in EMC8.

2. DivX Codec is upgraded to 6.2.5. But the encoding speed is still slow as before.


So, any one know how to make VW use the new codec rather than the old one? I mean we select DivX Encoder and VW uses codec 6.2.5. I don't think selecting DivX Codec works because its operation is very slow, even slower than ver 6.0 which is opposite to the truth that the new version is enhanced with performance and quality.


Thank you very much for reading and answering my problem.

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