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How Can I Get Multiple Cuts From The Video?



I have the Roxio Creator 2011, and i have my AVCHD camcorder connected to my computer. And i selected Edit Video Advance. How can i get multiple cuts from the video? Because i have a soccer video and I'd like to select the best moments of this video. If you know any link or any video tutroial i would appretiate it. Thank You

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We have this post, Here, as well as a couple others, however…


Times have changed and the newer camcorders create a New File, every time you press the Record button :glare:


This can both simplify ‘scenes’ and complicate matters at the same time :huh:


You want scenes within Scenes :o


It might be better if you copy just the files that contain the scenes you are interested in into a project folder so that you cut down on the amount of video you have to wade through???


On the other hand, after designating scenes, you could use all of the video to produce a Game, then just add the scenes to have a second Menu Choice of 'Great Plays'


There is a lot of room for creativity here ;)

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