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Combining 2 Camera Angles Into 1 Production Using Videowave



I've got 2 identical canon vixia hf s200 cameras. For this example, I've got both cameras setup to record a performance in an auditorium. The first camera is setup in orchestra, recording closeups of the action on stage. The Second camera is setup in the balcony, capturing a broad view of the scene. Now that the performance is over, I would like to create a single production, which uses the audio from the first camera, and the video from both cameras...switching between camera 1 and camera 2 to create a professional looking video.


I expect that there's probably a tutorial on how to perform this task, but I haven't been able to find one...


Special considerations...

Synchronizing camera 1 and camera 2. (keeping in mind that the cameras weren't started at exactly the same time)

Separating audio from video for camera 2 (so that the production uses video from camera 2 but audio from camera 1)

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To keep you life simple as far as audio sync use One video for start and finish and place that one on the Video Track.


You can add your other video on the Overlay Track and mute the audio with the little blue button at the left. ;)


Sync it up as close as you can by dragging it, but it will be a little tedious :huh:


Then you can split the Overlay as needed and delete the unwanted portions as you desire…


Just be careful not to accidently slide any of the split Overlay segments as they will go out of sync if you do!


You cannot add transitions on the Overlay track, but you could split the Video Track at the beginning and end of the Overlay Segments and add Transitions in the Storyline View :) I don't think that will work well though and you will probably find youy need to note all of the times where you want splits, output a work-in-progress file, then split that one and add transitions... :glare:


(problem is 1/2 of a transition works on the preceeding piece and the other 1/2 works on the trailing piece. Since it can't work on an overlay, you will get 1/2 of the effect and SLAM you see the Overlay...)


Hasn’t been a lot of interest in doing this that I have seen and I have never really done it, so keep us informed on your progress :lol:

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