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Windows 7 Runtime Error



I purchased Roxio Creator 11 Pro. You know, I've used Video editing software for over 10 years and never until now have I had issues. I complied and followed all of Roxio tech support. Set my resolution to 1024 X 768. For one day only my dialog box's docked in Video Wave and the next day the would not. EVEN thou I had my settings just as tech support said. I rolled back my computer to insure I was runnig Internet Explorer 8. I insured that ALL my drivers we're up to date and that all my software was up to date. Still I'm having on going issue after another and to the point that I'm returning my Software to the store where I purchased it, along with printouts of all the problems other people are having with Roxio Creator 11. I'm also providing the store with all my correspondence with Tech support.


Companies really should work out all the kinks in software before they release it. I will never purchase Roxio products again...

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I get a runtime error no matter what I'm doing in Roxio. It says that what I was doing caused Win7 to operate in an unusal manner and shuts down. Anyone got any suggestions?


The Roxio Community is a great place to get tips and solutions on Roxio products and software. However, we depend on you to give us accurate information to address your issue as quickly as possible. The more information we have out of the gate, the better we can return an answer that will get you having fun and making great projects.


Here are some general guidelines that you can put into your first post. This is in "form" format so all you have to do is copy and paste it into your post and fill in the questions. If a question doesn't apply, just put "n/a".


Tell us what happened


The more data you give us, the better. The Community's ability to resolve your issue is dependent on being able to understand not just an error code, but what contributed to your project.


* Error code or issue:

* What kind of project were you working on:

* What kinds of files were you using and where did you get them?

* Did you complete your project or did it stop at a certain point in the process?

* Have you ever successfully completed the task that you are contacting us about?

* Did you make any changes to your computer recently? (new applications, updates, etc) If so, what?





Tell us about your computer


Your computer specifications have a huge impact on software performance and functionality.


* Operating System (including service packs):

* Make:

* Model:

* Video card

* Processor speed:

* RAM:

* Free hard drive space:

* I last did an operating system update on:




This information will help our community members reduce the amount of followup questions and speedup troubleshooting.





Roxio Support



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You say you have "Roxio Creator 10".


Creator 10, also known as Easy Media Creator 10, is not normally compatible with Windows 7. The first version which is compatible is Creator 2010 which was released two years after Creator 10.


Which version do you have?

Can you run the software and then go to Help > About this software and tell us what version and build numbers are shown? [not the serial number]



If you can't run the software because of that problem, what does the Roxio icon on your desktop look like?

Is it a round black one post-208-038419200 1302644085.jpg or a square red one? post-208-042789400 1302644113.jpg

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