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Burning Quicktime Prores 422 Without Jaggy Text





I'm having an issue that I need help with...I've seen a few other threads that touch on it but that didn't give me answers. I'm trying to burn a quicktime file to a playable DVD with Toast. The file is at Apple ProRess 422 (HQ), 1920x1080, Millions. It's 23.98 fps, and the file is 10.85 gigs. The video itself is about 9 minutes long. When I burn the file so that it can play back on a DVD, the text looks jaggy. What can I do to fix this? Should I convert the file to some other file type/settings? I tried using an interlaced version of the file and that didn't work either.


I've been advised to try to use compressor to create an m2vs file with separate audio then burn with toast. I don't have compressor on this computer so it's not much of an option.


Please help, I'm trying to submit this film for a festival.





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If you convert the video to DVCPRO50 and choose Progressive and 16:9 as the options, that video should look best when encoded to video DVD by Toast.



Or use apple compressor to resize it down first to anamorphic 720x486(make sure it's resize settings are set to best)


Most apps can't encode and resize HD very well.


Nice Healey tsantee!

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