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Mydvd Freezes



Hello am working on a project in videowave wich is 47 min long it has several video clips wich i recorded with 3 video cameras 2 are a casio one is in hd 4:3 and the other one is in low resolution at 4:3 because is in highspeed, the third one is a sony dcr-sr80 and all the videoclips are in wmp and also there are pictures wich are in jpg and the music two songs are in mp3 and the rest are in wma.

Am done in the videowave but when I export to mydvd and try to save it after changing menustyle and audio it just takes a very long time and it finally freezes.

I have a dell computer


•Did you make any changes to your computer recently? (new applications, updates, etc) If so, what? I did all the roxio updates a week ago,

all the system updates 4 days ago and also the microsoft updates for internet securyty.




Tell us about your computer


Your computer specifications have a huge impact on software performance and functionality.


•Operating System (including service packs): windows xp service pack 3 home edition version 2002


•Make:dell dimension de051 inel® celeron® cpu 2.53GHz 2.53GHz, 2.00 GB of RAM




•Video card i did not find that information I think it must be windows media player or just what it comes with it.


•Processor speed:




•Free hard drive space:local disk © file system NTFS free space 96.8 GB total size 145 GB


•I last did an operating system update on:a week ago


Please help I am very close to finish my project help. Am very amateur so be gentle explaining.


Thanks in advance.

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ok I got this issue fixed but I do not know what fixed it all I did was restart my computer turned off norton changed my audio to be all the same in wma and not mp3, save my project again ande restart my computer then send it to my dvd again and I was able to complete the dvd it even plyed in my dvd player of the tv, but I notice that when is playing on the tv the frames where I added text and/or transitions they get cut off on top and bottom.

When I burn to a disk from mydvd I choosed the same as original setting because on videowave I did it in hd 4:3, so can anyone yell me how to fix that issue? so the tv its not changing in sizes when playing the dvd.

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There is no such thing as HD 4:3<_<ALL HD is widescreen, most being 16:9…


MyDVD will only display either the Original format ~ it will not change anything!


Or the results it gets from a VideoWave Project.


In VW I started with a New 4:3 Project and added HD in 16:9. You can see the 2 different results that result, based on the way I choose to handle it:

post-39730-018834300 1303151561.jpg

post-39730-065330100 1303151562.jpg


Good news is that you may be able to fix this in MyDVD!


Click on the Title and choose Edit Movie. It will take you to an editor that is very similar to VideoWave. You will probably have to isolate the beginning and end of those portions by using Splits then right click on one to get the Aspect Ratio Handling box that I used above ;)


You can make live changes in that then go back to MyDVD.


Whenever it is possible, do all of your shooting in the aspect ration you intend to output in!!! ie: I do BD so widescreen is a given. Sometimes I use a SD camcorder in the shoot, so it is always set to 16:9! It simplifies life :lol:

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