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2009 Creator Special Edition Dvd 16:9 No Menu



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There isn;t an Edit Video-Advanced that I can find. as soon as I open my dvd a screen comes up that says please select the project type, dvd, dvd w/ no menu etc. whicever I choose it goes to a 4:3 screen.



Sorry, I meant Create DVDs-Advanced. That opens MyDVD.


And, when you opened MyDVD, after you picked the type of project that you wanted, did it open a screen, where you could browse to your movie? Is the movie a 16:9 movie?

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I am wondering if I have messed up the default settings someway and should reload the program.


If the movie is 16:9, then MyDVD should bring it in as 16:9. MyDVD can't change the aspect ratio of a movie, only the menus.


How do you know it isn't actually 16:9 in MyDVD?

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