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Can I Record Myself And The Game At The Same Time?



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I'm looking to buy this but I'm wondering if the device is able to record both myself and the video game so that I may add my own commentary. Does anyone know if this is possible or no?


Running commentary or narration added later ?

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I seriously doubt it.


When you make your connections you are taking the GAME audio and video and inputting to the device.

No where is there a connection for your CHAT microphone.

That would be the only way I could see you adding commentary.So I doubt you can do it because your mic from the console is separate from the Game sounds.

That's just the way the consoles work.


If you have ever used a set of headphones for one of the consoles you know that there are separate connections for the headphones(Game sounds) and the mic (Chat).

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Not sure about that one Dave.


On an XBox the Game sound and Chat sound follow 2 different paths.

With the headset I have (and others I've had) there is a cord that goes to it.

It has 2 components.1 part comes off of the Audio outs on the console and feeds game sounds to the headphones.

The other part is a USB cable that connects to one of the ports and feeds Mic in to the box.

So really 1 is in and 1 is out.


Now,you use the same audio out from the console to feed the audio in on the capture device.

No problem you use that one.

The trick would be to use the USB that feeds the Chat channel back into the console.

If you could hijack that lead then you'd be able to do the voice over using the consoles Chat channel.


If the mixer accepted a USB connection or there's some kind of adapter to go from USB to RCA then it might work.

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