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Recording Xbox... Only Show Blackand White



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I have No idea if that is going to work any better???


I don’t have that one of those, nor an Xbox or anything that does PAL :huh: If I did I would be happy to try to replicate it! ;)


The Roxio Capture device has been out since November 2008 and you are the very first person to have or report this problem… You would be more than welcome to post that question in the Roxio Game Capture forum and you might want to check around in some of the Xbox Capture forums as well.

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I got a chance to start to look into this and a couple of things jumped out right away…


First thing is that you do not have the 201B Build of V2D but are using an out of production version! :o


Nothing wrong with that but omitting that important fact could confuse others who look at this topic and try to compare it to theirs ;)


For your part of the world you should be using the PAL B setting, and as I recall, it would automatically be selected for your version, assuming your Windows OS was installed with English (Australian) for the language.


Not being familiar with Xbox, I have to ask. Is there a SCART connector on the Xbox that you are plugging into to capture from? (99.99% of the time, B/W capture is due to SCART connectors) The post that Steve linked to probably does not apply to your version of software or even Windows :huh:


Early on in this Topic, I asked you to test using a DVD Player, camcorder, etc… You never did try any of these to help pin this down?


Exactly WHICH NTSC setting do you pick that works? (this choice is not even found in the current version)


Thanks for working with us on this.

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