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Hello I am having a hard time figuring out the best way to create Blu-Ray's on MAC. Well, I can create a Blu-Ray fine with Toast 11 Pro, but I need to be able to have stuff like multiple audio tracks, and have more options for menus and stacking video clips.


So is there a way to have Multiple AC3 Audio Tracks, like in standard Blu-Ray Authoring?

Can I stack video clips?


Also I have tried Adobe Encore DVD for almost 5 days, and it is the most buggy horrible program I have ever used, I have not been able to make a Blu-Ray using already compressed media. It just doesn't work. I HATE ADOBE ENCORE for MAC, its insance how messed up the program is.

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I use Final Cut Express 4 for most of my video editing and then bring into Toast if want a Blu-ray. You can have multiple video/audio tracks in FCE timeline, but not sure if can have multiple audio track output that can be brought into Toast. Maybe someone else knows. Toast provides basic menu capabilities. You can even pass chapter info from FCE to Toast. I hear there is a new version of Final Cut Pro coming out soon, and at a reasonable cost, so might try that when comes out and see how works with Toast.


Good luck in finding something that works for you.

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