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Video Copy & Convert W/subtitles



We see posts from time to time about VCC and Subtitles.


These posts either complain that VCC Includes the Subtitles in a conversion or that it Excludes them…


As far as Subtitles and VCC, they are only found in DVD Movies… :o You cannot have them in a Video File! If you have a video file with them, they are considered Hard subtitles and cannot be removed. If you want more info, Wikipedia is your friend: Wiki ;)


For testing, I have created a very short DVD Movie sample with 2 (Eng & FR) subtitles in it. You can download it from this location: HERE

post-39730-005322800 1303934446.jpg

Use a Save or Save AS but note the location where you put it


After Downloading, Open the ZIP file:

post-39730-057249200 1303934447.jpg


Right Click on the SubTitle.zip and choose Extract All

post-39730-093195800 1303934448.jpg


Select a destination for the files:

post-39730-077706600 1303934450.jpg


You can use CinePlayer to test out the DVD… Browse Movie Folder and point it to the VIDEO_TS folder you extracted:

post-39730-027009300 1303934465.jpg


Right Click anywhere in the movie field. If NO Subtitles exist the Subtitle selection will be grayed out:

post-39730-095288500 1303934466.jpg


However this one has both an English & French Subtitle:

post-39730-017277400 1303934472.jpg

post-39730-049536900 1303934469.jpg


VCC and Subtitles:

Load the sample movie into VCC by pointing it to the VIDEO_TS folder of the movie and select Movie 1:

post-39730-074200800 1303934491.jpg


Click on Options ~ General to see what is available:

post-39730-096258800 1303934493.jpg


Note the English and French subtitles listed (the Unspecified is the Audio)


If you want to make a DVD without any Subtitles, clear the checkmarks by English & French:

post-39730-053706400 1303934497.jpg


Or if you want One and not the other or whatever suites you, do it here.


I suggest creating a Folder set from here (use the Copy DVD tab to burn it). Pick and Note the location:

post-39730-049427600 1303934499.jpg


You can test the results with CinePlayer or burn to a DVD


But when it is all said and done, use valid files and it works as expected ;)

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