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"burn To Disk" Causes Roxio To Stop Working

Jo Bird




Running Windows 7, whenever I try to record an LP to disk and choose "Burn to disk", Roxio hangs and just says that it has "stopped working".


The whole setup works perfectly well on my Windows XP laptop, but I need to be able to burn LPs to CD on my dad's Windows 7 machine.


Tried updating CD drivers, Windows OS, removing any other CD-burning software from system etc.


Did anyone else have this problem and were they able to resolve it please?





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Jim, if I may butt in here for just a second.


Jo, I guess I missed the part about what Roxio program and version are you trying to use? :rolleyes: You posted in Creator 2011 but is it possible you have something else? Perhaps an older program that is not compatible with W7?


BTW, don't advertise that you are breaking your EULA agreement concerning one license for one computer. Perhaps you neglected to say that you removed it from your computer and installed it on the W7 machine. :)

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In response to Jim, yes, I can burn CDs normally with the software. We do have the problem though, that if I burn one photo to a CD, and then try to add another one to the same CD, the W7 machine spits out the CD and says that I need to use a blank CD. And no, I haven't selected the option to finalize the CD, so it should be possible in theory.


Very irritated indeed with this software!

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Whether or not you can “add” to a burned CD depends entirely on HOW the CD was burned the last time!!!


That is an entirely different subject and has nothing to do with this. And it has nothing to do with the software but has everything to do with International Standards that were set for Optical Media a long, long time ago… You are used to dealing with Magnetic media and I can assure you that the only common link between Optical media and Magnetic media is that both are round! :o


Now go back and do what I suggested in post #2 and see what happens ;)

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