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Multisession Cd/dvd



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Is it possible to burn a multisession cd or dvd with Creator 2011? I'm unable to figure out how to do it

Here are two ways to burn a multisession data disc.

[1] Using Burn Data Disc

-set up your initial data disc session, then go to "Options" near the top right of the screen, and in the Write-Once section click on the radio button saying "I want to leave the DVD open . . ." Your selection should remain as default until you reset it, and this works for both DVDs and CDs.


post-208-010727100 1304647486.jpg


-whan you want to write another session on the disc, run Burn Data Disc and insert the disc. You should get this pop-up. Answer it Yes, and carry on with the next session.


post-208-089926200 1304647610.jpg





[2] Using Creator Classic [burn Data Disc - Advanced]

-set up to burn your first session and click the Burn button. The Burn Setup screen will open. Go to Burn Options and uncheck 'Read Only Disc', click OK, and burn your disc.


post-208-061116400 1304648013.jpg


-when you want to write another session to that disc, run Creator Classic and insert the disc. A popup will open inviting you to 'Import' the details from the first session. Follow that to import the first session, and then burn your second or subsequent session.


post-208-050224100 1304648572.jpg




For readers not familiar with multi-session discs, when you 'append' or 'import' the earlier session you are not re-recording earlier files, but are transferring their details so they continue to appear in the disc's contents. If you don't do that your earlier sessions may seem to disappear.

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Excuse me for butting in here but couldn't you do it with "Roxio Burn" also. I haven't used it. The Tutorial does seem to indicate that you can add files to a already burned disc. If that worked, it would be as easy as the other methods mentioned above.


Oops, I forgot to mention you can set it up from the Tools menu on the Home page.

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Feel Free Steve :)


Roxio Burn could be used, but considering KISS I gave the two simplest methods. It also saves having to delete the superfluous files that Burn wants to put on the disc.



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