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Error Message Sense: 02 Asc: 04 Ascq: 08 (Command 00)

Antonio 1

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When trying to burn a DVD-R-DL I got a error message:


Sense: 02 ASC: 04 ASCQ: 08 (Command 00)










Can anyone explain me what is the meaning of this code. What would should to complete the burn?

I can read the DVD but I cannot burn it.

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If the recording memory cache is too high, it may prevent disc writing.

In the burn CD screen, go to Options.

In the Advanced tab, check the recording memory cache setting.

Lower the cache setting until burning works.

I happened to click Restore Defaults to see what would happen. 4.7 cache with max burning speed restored and allowed me to burn discs again.

Not sure technically why this worked, but it did.

What a relief!

Hope this works for others.


The OP hasn't been back, since he posted over 3.5 years ago.

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