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Burning Real 3D To Blueray - Can It Be Done ?

Trevor M


I'm confused here. I purchased this software because it claims to support Real 3D, and burning to blueray. But now I own the software and find out it DOES NOT support burning real 3D burning to blueray. ???


What am I doing wrong? So far, everything I burn comes out normal on my 3D tele. I have not been able to successfully burn my 3D content to anything that my tv will recognize.


Anyone have this same issue?




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Correct, there is no 3D Blu-ray but you can do AVCHD as well as DVD.


post-39730-032327200 1304801327.jpg


Now that will limit you, time wise from 41 min to 1:14 on a 4.7 GB DVD (HQ down to EP quality)


You can double that using an 8.7 GB disc or if you really have a biggie, we can discuss how to burn AVCHD onto a BD ;)

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As you can see from the images, I have tried this particular configuration.


1. Tried DVD 3D Real3D this time. I think it odd that it shows encoding. Why does it need to convert video? Either way, does not work.


2. AVCHD 3D Real3D. Same as last time.


What I find, is that the tv does not recognize 3d content. So I manually select 3d, Real3D. When I look from eye to eye, the video is not in sync. It is so out of sync, I can't tell if it's 5 seconds or 5 minutes different.



post-94963-069078100 1304994709.jpg

post-94963-051583600 1304994715.jpg

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Trevor, I am sorry that I do not have the TV and Player equipment needed to test this firsthand… I put out a cup downtown but someone took my cup :(


I Suspect that you are not telling your TV and or Player the right info??? I really doubt they can get out of sync from Roxio's Output???


Keep in mind that the MyDVD preview screen display is completely independent of the Project Output.


You can get a Sneak Preview by running the 3D Format Correction. This is 2D slide pulled into MyDVD RealID project.


post-39730-079119300 1305032902.jpg


Notice that the ‘preview in MyDVD is Anaglyph whereas the preview of the conversion is Side by Side…


You may want to take a shortcut here and Call Roxio Tech Support… Might save some frustrations


Please keep us informed of your progress!

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I suspect that it's some kind of sony protection crap. Just the reason I promised myself last time I'd never buy Sony again.


It seems that somehow the video is out of sync unless I use the sony device to playback the video.


I read in the sony manual that video can not be played back in 3d unless on camcorder.



From other reading on the internet, it uses a MCD format ?

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Found this link on the site you referred me to. Thanks for the info.. Guess I'm gonna return it to sony today. :(


Thanks sknis




Actually, the other new camcorder, the HDR-TD10 is not intended to be edited in 3D mode either, according to the rep I talked to @ CES. They'll pack the data in the memory at MVC format (bit-map and depth-map) to save memory space, just like 3D blu-ray, and output pixels in frame-packing format of the HDMI 1.4a, again, not directly editable by any editor known to me. They are not planning to output compressed streams out of that in 3D at all, just in 2D, where they'll output AVCHD like in other 2D camcorders in 24p/60p/60i @ 1920x1080 res. their spec here: http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10151&langId=-1&XID=O:hdrtd10:dg_ggldf&productId=8198552921666294297#specifications , confirms that. Not so cool for people who want to edit the streams.

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