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Easy Cd & Dvd Burning



I hope this is the correct section for this question??


Windows XP SP3 on an older Dell machine about 6 years old.


I purchased this product at Best Buy but HAVE NOT INSTALLED IT YET. It has a red box with the picture of 1 DVD or CD on the front with yellow flames. On the side it says Minimum System Requirements: WINDOWS 7. On the back on a white tag it says: Supports Vista, XP, Win 7 32 & 64 bit. Also on the back next to the Windows 7 logo it says Windows 7, Vista & XP. So I am confused as to what operating system this will run on. The P/N on the install DVD is 150397-00UN.


There is no version # on the box, the install DVD or the manual nor does the manual give info regarding minimum requirements. I have read articles on the internet that describes this product as having install issues, freezing up issues and issues harming the PC. Some of these articles were old, however. And, since I do not have a version#, I have no idea if I am dealing with the same product they had issues with.


(1) Is this product compatible with Windows XP??

(2) What is the version number of this product??

(3) All I want to do is back up data files.

(4) Is this safe to install on an older XP PC??



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That version is compatible from Win XP through and including Win7


While it is a cut down version it does have the programs to backup/restore a Drive or Files or using Data Disc or Creator Classic, do your own file copies…


post-39730-075439000 1304934277.jpg


AFTER you install it, you will find the version number is 10.3.104 ;)

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