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"i Understand Your Frustration"

Sam Mac


"I understand your frustration" is the phrase roxio techies always use when they are going to add more nonsense to your problem and never solve it. What a joke!


I returned my only roxio product ("easy vhs to dvd") because it did not work and they never helped to fix it, even though they sent me some eight or nine "support" messages, each one starting with roxio's motto: "I understand your frustration." They wasted my time and never helped me. I am not happy with this situation and want some kind of compensation. Perhaps if they go bankrupt I will be satisfied!


I had listed a URL where people can go to buy some other product instead of roxio's useless "easy vhs to dvd" but roxio censored me and deleted it. If anybody wants to know where to look for another company's product that might work, send me a private message. Quick before they delete this. I should say I have not bought the device but it looks like a viable alternative.

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laugh, laugh, laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is the nth answer to my ticket, once again demonstrating that they're completely out.


May be they're not graduates or technicians (at least), but just coming out from primary school!



I wrote each time that I'm using Snow leopard, and that my EASY-VHS-TO-DVD Sw is 10.03.


What are they able to write?


Simply: Update your Sw to 10.3 and be care that problems were with MAC-OS-10.3 or 10.4.



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Hi everyone! After several exchanges, I got this answer that works with my MacBook Pro 17" 2011 model, MacOS 10.6.7, Easy VHS to DVD 1.0.3:




No Audio Can Be Previews or Captured With Easy VHS to DVD for Mac

Knowledgebase Article : 000137TT | Print this Article





When trying capture using Easy VHS to DVD for Mac, no sound can be heard in the preview or on your captured video.




Many new models of Apple computers have been launched that launch into Snow Leopard (Mac OS X v10.6) with a 64-bit kernel. When using Easy VHS to DVD for Mac with these recently released models, users will be unable to capture audio.


In order to work around this issue, you will need to restart your machine using the 32-bit kernel.


Reboot your computer.


Immediately after pressing the power button to reboot, simultaneously hold down the "3" and "2" keys on your keyboard until you see your Desktop or Login screen.


Please note, this change is not permanent. In order to revert back to the 64-bit kernel, restart your computer without holding down any keys.


When you have started your computer with the 32-bit kernel, you should be able to capture both audio and video correctly using the Easy VHS to DVD for Mac software. We will update this article if any new information on this issue is available.


NOTE: You can determine if your Mac is running 32 or 64-bit by going to your System profiler: Apple menu > About This Mac > More Info > Software. In the System Software Overview window, find 64-bit Kernel and Extensions and see if it says "Yes" or "No". If it says "No", you are running the 32-bit kernel.



Hurray!!! Now we just have to wait until Roxio releases a 64-bit compatible version of Easy VHS to DVD!



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