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Encoding Too Slow, Very Slow



I'v been trying to help my family and friends. ( Mac Users only with Toast 10 and BD burners.) Some with family home made videos and a few who want their old DVD movie collection. First compressing in the MP4 mode. using either Iskysoft media converter or Prism, depending what 3rd party they have. we have succeeded into burning 11 or more movies on one disk and choosing a menu selection, a great feature of Roxio.

BUT..... for a blu ray of these movies takes hours to encode, Image save is the same. My neighbor for instance is trying to put his entire collection of "Victory At Sea" on a BD (After Compressing.). He claims he used the image save and still encoding, went to sleep, next morning it still was encoding.

Does anyone out there know of a 3rd party SW Mac of course that can encode fast and skip the toast 10 "Turtle Walk"?

One more puzzle, After compressing "Victory' the "Get Info shows under 23 1?3 GBs. when the entire folder is dragged into the Toast BD. it shows about 46 GBs. It seems it goes back to it's original size. Anyone?

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