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How Do I?



Here is what I have…


A Creative Zen microphoto player


A group of songs on that player, with a Playlist.


Alternately, same files on my PC and WMP Playlist.


Problem: Volumes are erratic due to the wide range of the collection and I need to bring them closer to a constant so they don’t blow me off the treadmill :lol:


I cannot seem to make any use of the Playlists and am trying to avoid the manual mode :(


Any good step by step advice would be appreciated  ;)

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Wow... not coming up with a good way to deal with what you want, mostly because you can't drop a playlist file onto Sound Editor and have it import the files. Doesn't deal with an Audio CD project (.DMSM) file either. The objective being to load up all the files into Sound Editor, then Export Tracks/Clips, and select the "Maximize" option. That won't necessarily level out the volume all that well, depending on how the tracks were engineered, but it should help.


If your tracks are all in a folder, then you can highlight all of those, and bring them at once into Sound Editor, but if they're scattered all over (which is what a playlist is good for) then I'm not coming up with a good solution for you.

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Bingo thanks to karri!!!


I had printed the manual but never searched it... She found they have a 'Smart Volume' option and it seems to be working pretty well... :lol:



Okay... now be a good guru and share where that is and how you use it. :D

I did :huh: Details? Main Menu — System — Audio Settings — Smart Volume — toggles On or Off ;)


What we need is a new manual

"Zen and the Art of Music Maintenance" :lol:

No more manuals, I am not keeping up with the ones I have :lol::D:lol:

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