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Converting To 3D Using Stills



Hi all, just wanted to post here to let anyone who is interested in using Roxio 2011 for converting your 2d still to 3d that the program works extreamly well (*using R/L images NOT converting a single 2d pic to 3d.....Uggg**) I have been using nvidia 3d vision for over a year now and over that time period i have seen 3d explode on the consumer market. There was very little (read none) programs for converting 3d for joe consumer and honestly after reading over the year about all the horrable 3d conversion programs i didnt hold much hope for this one. I can tell you now that Roxio has done an amazing job with the lastet release. Converting to 3d is stupid, simple, extreamly forgiving and the portion that i have used has been very user freindly.


Most everything i convert is works, free of distortion and ghosting. The feed back I have recived after posting the results is very positive. Remarks like mind blowing, amazing and best real life 3d shots ive ever seen are common.


Thanks for the great program Roxio




Here is one i did yesterday, took less than twenty seconds.......................seems im not allowed to upload this file. Here is a link to the Nvidia 3d vision forum, i started a post to show some off, i hope this is ok to do.


http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=200011 enjoy!!!

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That's good to hear ;)


I realize that it is not All Things to All People but I think it does fine for what it was designed to do...



Agreed, for one who is familar with the 3d process it would be restricting. With Roxio 2011 conversion shots the pics need to be of non-moving objects. Family pics, dog running, moving water will not work.

Here is a link to 3d vision site, its the pics i have posted converting with roxio. In most cases my pics are just as/or better than what is being uploaded using far more elaborate methods than simple conversion software



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Nice shots ;)


One question??? You recommend Left Eye/Right Eye, how are you obtaining them?


I use the method suggested by Roxio, they suggest you snap the first pic them shuffle over and take the next pic lol, barbaric i know but it works. Im going to load up CS5 so i can clean them up abit befor combining them, I like to shoot in RAW but IDK if they really warrent that kind of attention. Ive decided to focus on pc/pc related shots as many other peeps have posted tons of pics of plants, animals, people..... No one seems to take shots of their ubur pcs'......ill take that market lol.

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