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Audio |<< And >>| No Longer Intuitive In 11.0.2



I use Toast primarily to make cross-faded mix sets and I use it for that a lot and have for many years. In 11.0.2, the |<< and >>| icons do not work as they did in 10 and are now unintuitive. For example, if you have a 4 song set, you can press play and the first song will start, but if no songs are highlighted, the |<< and >>| icons are grayed out. If you highlight and play the first song, the |<< is grayed out, but the >>| is active, so if you want to fast rewind through the first song, you have to highlight a subsequent song while the first song is playing so that the |<< will be active. In the same way, when the set gets to the last song and it's highlighted, the >>| is grayed out, so if you want to fast forward through it, you have to highlight a previous song while the last song is playing so the >>| will be active.


Yes, I sent the Roxio feedback form in explaining this, but thought I'd bring it up here in the event it's not universal with other users. I suggested that the developers play with those functions in both 10 and 11 and it should then become obvious that it was more intuitive in 10. I also noted that the "meters" are even smaller than they were before and now are all light gray. As I said, I use Toast a lot for making mix sets, so I depend on the meters for setting levels. I would think the meters would be a bigger deal. Actually, I'd also like a horizontal play bar similar to iTunes to easily navigate to various parts of the song/set. Otherwise, Toast makes creating mix sets so fast and easy.

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I noticed the same thing 5 minutes after installing Toast. I used Jam 5 and 6 for years for making compilation CDs, and the greyed-out FFWD and RWD functions were the first thing I noticed. I sent feedback to Roxio immediately, but I'm not holding my breath.


On another note, I'm annoyed by how long the "Gain" window stays active after you make an adjustment. In Jam it closed almost immediately after releasing the sliders, but now it hangs open for 5 seconds or so, which is VERY annoying.


Finally, I strongly agree that this app needs an iTunes-like play/progress bar, especially when you want to check on how an applied effect or change in gain may affect a specific portion of a track. In addition to that, being able to assign a "reference" or "cue" point that could be easily jumped to during playback would also be a welcomed feature.


I'd gladly trade all of the little tutorial videos and "cute" animations for some features and functions that were actually useful. It's puzzling on how such obviously handy tools and refinements are missing from this application.

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