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Copy And Convert Stops Working When Converting Iso Image



Hi, i have trying to convert an iso image from my hardrive to mpeg2 using the video option within copy and covert in roxio creator 2010, but when i click the convert button it crashes with the window pane that it has stopped working. i tried to use the other coversion methods i.e to ipod, phone ,hd etc but it still crashes with the same message. I tried to convert a mpeg file and that works fine. My ATI drivers are up to date and windows vista updates are to date. Can anyone help me. Thanks

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Thanks i tried your work around method by burning to disc and importing back into a video folder and it worked. Man thanks for that, so i take it copy and convert does not always work converting a iso image.

that is not what I asked you to test... :huh:


I wanted you to create a File (ISO) in MyDVD!


Since you are having trouble with an ISO there is no point in testing unless you use another ISO...


You still did evaded answering the source of this problem file?

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What is this Evil ISO you are trying to feed to VCC :glare:


You may have to Burn a disc (RW) with the ISO in order to import it. Or you could mount it to a Virtual Drive and do it from there…


I am betting there is a flaw in it that is killing VCC but the roundabout approach may fix it ;)


If you want to test VCC, slap together a quick slideshow in Create DVDs and Burn it to File (ISO). Then use that one to test VCC with.

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