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Meee Tooo



I am also having a similar problem when connecting to a 8mm camcorder.


I just finished capturing all my old VHS tapes of my kids with no problems. I have now progressed to my 8mm camera. Hookup is using composite cables (red, yellow, and white). The key difference is that the camcorder does not have a place to plug the red cable into it. So, when capturing from VHS I had all 3 connected, but from the camcorder only connected the white and yellow (it is mono not stereo).


Once you press play on the camcorder, the image and sound are displayed within the Roxio Medio Import application (Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning DE - Build 10 1B06C ENU). However, the Status soon changes to No Signal and the Capture now button becomes disabled. I tried swapping the red for the white (left for right sound channel), but all that accomplished was the loss of the sound that I had before. I thought I could trick it by pressing the Capture now button prior to pressing play on the camcorder, but capture soon terminates and the No Signal status messages pops up.


I hope that by answering this email, you may also help the individual who made the orginal post.


(Using USB 2681 Device for the imput. The composite video cables are plugged into a Roxio Video Capture USB (UB315-E ver3).


Kind Regards,



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Not even close to the same problem!


Your software is years apart and you have a stripped down version, not the full Suite… So while this isn’t even the same software, it might be a better place for you to look.


I assume you bought the Roxio Video Capture USB Device as a separate item?


What is the exact name of the program you using to capture with?


What is your OS?


You can get a mono to stereo splitter at any Radio Shack, otherwise audio will be coming out of one speaker


Hook your VCR or a DVD Player up and see what happens? ;)

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