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Mydvd Capabilities (C2010Pro)

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Like you found, almost anything over 1 hour on a 4.7 GB isn’t worth watching :(


As long as your Source file is High Quality you will be OK!


(don’t know what “V12” is but I guess you mean Creator 2010?)


Often what I do for Disc 2 is make that disc a ‘No Menu’ Project so that it plays when inserted.


You can also add a color panel then text at the end of Disc 1, so that it tell the user to Insert Disc 2 ;)

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Thank you for a quick response.

V12 stands for VideoWave version 12 which comes with c2010Pro.

To clarify, I should be able to create a HQ 2 hour file using MyDVD and then once Disc 1 is burned, it will eject and I can insert the second disc to burn.



No, authored video disc's don't work that way!


Create a 1 hour file in HQ setting. Then create another 1 hour file in HQ settings.


Or use a DL DVD and create a 2 hour file in HQ setting.


Burn the 1 hours to a single layer DVD and the 2 hour to a DL DVD.

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What I do is start with ONE big project in VideoWave and do a Save As, calling it Full Project.


Then find a split point at or before the 1 hour mark, Split it and Save! After it Saves, Delete the last half. Then do another Save As calling it Disc 1.


Load the Full Project and Delete the first half. Do a Save As calling it Disc 2.


Now I simply use the Disc 1.dmsm or Disc 2.dmsm project files in MyDVD… ;)


Does that make sense to you?

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That is not what Chapters are, at all! :o


A 'Title' is equal to a Menu Button...


Titles can consist of anything video, still pictures, movie clips combinations of them, whatever.


Chapters exist ONLY WITHIN Titles!


Chapters can have Menu Buttons, but only on seperate Chapter Pages... Look at a commercial DVD. The Main Page has the Title and buttons linking you to the Chapter page.


The Chapter page (usually called Scenes consists of multiple pages of buttons... No matter which Chapter you choose, it plays from that point to the end of the movie ;)

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