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Looks Succsessful



Fully installs right,looks succsessfulits picked up,and dont have sound...?

heres the device showing



heresthe drivers for usb2681


post-95264-044585900 1305726975.jpg


heres the others



post-95264-096347700 1305726956.jpg


post-95264-096347700 1305726956.jpg


What drivers should be present?

if right any ideas on how to fully remove device were i tried to install about 8 dif. times...


usb in back,no extentsions,no wires loose,not hot device ???

any suggestions?

post-95264-012852500 1305726944.jpg

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You "don't have sound" WHERE???


Unless you detail what you are doing or trying to do and what isn't working no one can suggest anything :huh:


Good job on posting the drivers, looks like they installed OK ;)


Wouldn't hurt to mention the Versio or Build of your software, so we know which of the 4 you have.

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