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Toast Quits When Opening Mkv Files



I have tried to convert or encode two different video files with the mkv extension and Toast 11 crashes every time soon as the encoding starts. It doesn't matter what type I file I try to convert to. I've tried making a DVD and Apple TV setting as the output file type. Also I wanted to mention that Handbrake will convert these same files just fine to a format like mp4. I then take the mp4 file and use toast 11 to make a DVD playable disc. I see many others are having the same issue. Do you have a fix for this?



iMac 2.7 GHz Core i5 OS X 10.6.7

Toast 11 11.0.2

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I was having this problem with some of my MKV files , I found this on the mkvtools website


"Known Issues

An application called mkvmerge is a common tool for creating mkv files. Apparently, as of v4.1.0 of mkvmerge, a feature called "header removal compression" has been added as a default setting which can cause problems with conversions and playback on a variety of hardware. MKVtools can usually identify these files. This "feature" can be removed in the "Edit" tab and involves a relatively quick remuxing of the video."


I was able to run the MKV through this program (took about 3 min) then TT11 was able to do what it needed to do..


I dont want to advertise another program here , but I told this to the Roxio Mac Guy on here and never got a response, Never had any acknowledgment of him even getting my message , This program told me he read it . But nothing from him .... So this is what helped me .

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