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Can A Multi-Disk Session Be Started In The Middle?



I'm trying to backup my Mac home directory to Blu-Ray using Toast Titanium 10.0.8. It spans two discs. There is 150GB free on my main disc drive.


The first time I tried it, I got an error about not being able to access a file, which caused a coaster. I didn't write down the error. I assumed that it was a permissions issue of some sort, so I restarted Toast running as 'root'.


On the second attempt, the first disc wrote and verified fine. Then about 22% into the second disc, Toast said:


The file "Cookies.plist" could not be accessed. (Data fork, -39)


A separate dialog box then popped up saying:


Couldn't complete the last command because of a Mac OS Error.

Result Code = -39


At this point it asks for a new blank disk to be inserted to write disc 2. I did that, and received the same error at the same place. At this point it asks for a new blank disk to be inserted to write disc 2.


Of course, the second time I said "Cancel".


Question 1: How can I restart and tell it to start writing just the second of the two discs?


Question 2: Instead of my wasting all these BD-R discs, why not have an option to continue to write the disc sucessfully and tell you about any files that didn't get written afterwards? This is particularly important if you are trying to write a disk of (say) a home directory where files might be changing during the writing.

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