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Lost Video After Burning Blu-Ray Disc





1. Opened Tivo Transfer, selected the show I wanted to edit and clicked on "Toast It"

2. Made sure I was in the Blu-ray Video editing section and editted the show

3. Set all markers properly from beginning of recorded data to end.

4. Saved and quit and selected "Record Disc" (red circle lower right on screen)

5. Finished writing disc but when I viewed it about 20 minutes of data was missing at the end of the editted show.

6. Went back in to re-edit the show and all the markers were okay. I clicked on each marker and it was set on the proper frame from beginning to end.

7. I then turned off Time Machine backup, Desktop/Screen saver and energy saver to ensure that I was not getting any corruption from them running during the burning of the data to the blu-ray disc. This made no difference.

8. I tried a different blu-ray disc. This made no difference.

9. I restarted my computer to ensure I was not getting some flakey system problem. This made no difference.

10. I tried burning a DVD disc. After I burned it I played it with DVD Player on my Mac. This made no difference.


Always stops in the same place. I thought perhaps the input from Tivo Transfer was bad, but I can see all the data when I edit it in Toast Video Player. I'm tried a lot of different things but to no avail. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Thanks and best regards.

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Yes there is a problem with the editor in Toast 10 (and Popcorn 4) in which the finished video may be truncated at an edit point long before the end. I haven't figured a solution other than to use something else. Toast 11 has a new way of editing and it is working.


If you aren't ready to go to Toast 11 you can use TiVo Decoder to remove the .tivo package from the video in the TiVo Transfer application and then use MPEG Streamclip to edit out the parts you don't want. Then choose "Convert to MPEG" with MPEG Streamclip and add that version to Toast for making the Blu-ray disc. Sorry it has to be so round-about but I don't know any other way.

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