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Right Program With Old Laptop Dvdrom?



I have an old Dell desktop with DVD rw. and Dell inspiron 8200 with only a DVD rom. I got creator se2011 for Xmas. I loaded it on the desktop to learn about it; but planned to use it on the laptop before I realized it didn't burn (actually in Jan, my laptop didn't even have a DVD reader). Program is overkill really because I mainly want it for audio cleanup to cd from lp's/tape/etc. Photo stuff and VHS to DVD, but I might join the 21st century with mp3 etc. one of these days. BUT it was moderately priced at COSTCO.


I installed the software on the laptop (apparently successfully)but it wouldn't load except for the Logo. I am in the middle of the painful uninstall/install mess and am wondering if I am wasting my time. My original plan for vhs and audio was to use the laptop adjacent to the source and then somehow (I thought it should be easy) transfer the edited source material to the desktop for burning. Is this possible, easy? My recent thoughts were first: a virtual drive file of some kind or second: a usb card that might hold a dvd amount of data (is that so expensive that I may as well get a dvd rw laptop drive?).

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Technically speaking the EULA states, One License = One PC :o


So let’s see if we can get your Lap install up and running… Let's try this...


Do the Prep Steps to the letter!


Then start to install of the Suite, only pick Repair when it is offered.


It would be nice if you would post the specs for your Lap & PC so we can see what you have to work with ;)

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I have a Dell dimension 4000(i think), with xp sp3 and essentially unimportant now. and a Dell inspiron 8200 xp sp3 512 with lots of hd space for the early 2000s. I have been chating with help this morning. I have just acquired a dvd rw drive so I am in better shape to run on the laptop. Chat claims problems are due to the duel installation. I find this to be possible/slightly understandable/and outrageous. It takes over an hour to do an install or uninstall WITHOUT all the prep work. If this ever installs I won't need answers to whether it is the right program but I don't need to kill myself with extra work.


So: I am assuming that uninstalling from my desktop should allow a good install on the laptop. Can you tell me if the cleaner is necessary for the desktop uninstall, since I won't be reloading it there again, or does the cleaner do something about the duel install? I ask because the cleaner needs recopy of all disk and that takes lots of time too. Seems crazy if there is not going to be a reinstall. For the laptop prep. do I really need the directX prep. creator2011 is new with new directX. I also couldn't get dells downloads of audio/video because of problems at dell end.

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Don't be silly!


Your laptop can't possibley know if you installed it someplace else, and the install DVD is a ROM so it is impossible for secrets to be written to it! :lol:


It is more likely that you missunderstood what they were saying ;)


It does raise a question as to whether your PC's even meet the minimun specs for the program???


How about posting the specs, like you see in my sig block. The Dell numbers don't really mean anything.

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Have no idea how to grab specs looking like that. but as i think i said. dell inspiron 8200. XP sp3. Pentium 4 1.99ghz 512mb.

re understanding, here is section of yesterday's Roxio Chat:


Catherine: So have you installed the software once in your desktop already?

Customer: that is correct. Without any problems, but can't use it there because my main interest is cleaning old audio and perhaps vhs from equipment away from desktop

Catherine: Charles I would like to tell you that you will be able to install the software only in once device. Please install it either in your Desktop or your laptop. If you want to install it in your laptop please uninstall the software from your desktop and then try to install it in your laptop

Customer: are you suggesting that the uninstall will somehow allow the other install???

Catherine: Yes, Charles.

Customer: Yould you care to explain exactly how?

Catherine: Please uninstall the software completely from your desktop using the following knowledge based article

Catherine: http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/content/000274CR&PARAMS=set-locale=en

Catherine: And then you can install it properly in your laptop using the link given below.


I did completely remove and clean the desktop and laptop again and added the direct x stuff and attempted a 3rd install but this time it actually failed to install.

I have nagged the tech people so much that i have phone previleges now. maybe all creator 2011 do even though they say only 3 months. They asked for the DxDiag but thenThe latest suggestion is to create a new user account for this file. Sounds unlikely but i may give it a try.

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OK… I can see where you got that info about an uninstall, but it isn’t true in any way shape or form ;)


I can see they were desperately trying to get you to a legal solution, One License = One PC!


The ‘New Account’ is normal when there have been so many attempts and other software involved. Make sure it is an Administrator Account! If successful, you test your ‘Normal Account’ and if all is well, delete the ‘New Account’.


PC Info??? Press Win-Pause and write it down.


Then use Explorer and right click on your C:\ HDD and write down the capacity and free space :)

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